Do I need my own immigration lawyer to prepare and file my immigrant investor (I-526 and I-829) petitions?
Yes, each investor will need to retain or hire an immigration lawyer for immigration petitions. ACFI will recommend immigration lawyers to investors to use for this purpose.

If I want to move to the United States and invest in one of ACFI Projects, do I have to live in the same state where the project is located?
No. The EB5 visa program allows you to live anywhere you like. Your investment dollars may be at work in Alabama, but you may live anywhere in the United States, or your home country.

Does ACFI guarantee my investment?
No. By federal law, your investment must be "at risk" for at least 2 years. If not, your investment is not considered a "qualifying investment."

Will I have any control over my investment?
As a subscriber to a limited partnership unit, you will have as much control over your investment as allowed under the Uniform Limited Partnership Act.

How is the investment structured?
ACFI's business model uses the Limited Partnership structure.

In addition to my $500,000 investment, what fees will I need to pay in the process of my I-526 petition?
In order to make the process as convenient and inexpensive as possible, ACFI charges a flat fee of $50,000 from the investor.

Can I visit ACFI?
Definitely! ACFI will be glad to coordinate your visit to our offices.

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